Gamal: The construction training center has a community role and provides job opportunities

wrote Nagwa Ibrahim

Translated by: Moustafa Rostom

Abdel Moneim el-Gamal, head of the General Union of Workers in the Construction and Wood Industries, stressed the importance of training and education for all members of the trade union organization, not only women, pointing out that the trade union movement is going through a special circumstance that necessitates co-existence with the changes that have taken place in society.

The General Union is concerned with solving the problems of its members and dealing with them transparently, pointing out that the trade union organization is going through a difficult variable, and this is why our members have come to face problems and seek to solve them.

Abdel Moneim Al-Gamal said that the vocational training center of the General Union has a societal role and we seek to create jobs to alleviate the burden on the government.