ETUF to condemn the Turkish interventions in Libya and denies forcing of the Egyptian Workers to stand by Al-Sarrage

The Egyptian Trade Union Federation ETUF strongly condemns the foreign interference led by the Turkish regime and its mercenaries inside the Libyan nation which is a violation to its sovereignty and for the Egypt’s national security as well as for the  middle east region and the Mediterranean sea region.

The Egyptian Trade Union Federation which represents all the Egyptian workers in the different sectors of work nationally and internationally always assures on defending on the legal rights of workers decided by the international and and divine conventions. ETUF  also always renews its support to the Egyptian historic  decisions of President Abdelfattah El-Sisi which are agreed by the most peace loving countries as well as the international and regional organizations that claim to stop these violations and the departure  of  the mercenaries, the foreign fighters and the terrorist militias from the Arab Libyan territories.

In its statement today, the Egyptian Trade Union Federation highlights  what is  happening against the Egyptian workers in Libya who are seeking to livelihood and to cooperate in economic and social development at the sister countries through their enforcement by these terrorist groups who are loyal to the Turkish leader to announce their support to the  illegal government of Al-Sarraj .It is an unacceptable situation for the trade union organizations in Egypt and all over the World because of the violation of the ILO and the Arab Labor Organization’s charters, conventions and resolutions as well as the International Charter of Labor Rights, which rejects the policy of forced labor.

In its statement, ETUF appeals to all labor organizations in the world to intervene urgently with their governments to support the regional and international efforts to defuse the crisis in Libya and evacuate it from the Turkish fighters and other mercenary militias and to force the Turkish regime to respect the UN resolutions.

In this regard , ETUF declares on filing a compliant with the ILO in Geneva and the ICJ against the Turkish regime for violating of the worker’s rights in Libya.

President of ETUF , Deputy

Gebaly El-Maraghy