Two agreements to increase 6 thousands workers wages in May Towks and Nile Clothes companies

Two committees to inspect on Elzorb companies to make sure of work requirements and bones and profits payment for workers

Tow collective work agreements in Mat Wex and Nile clothes companies were signed yesterday in The Ministry of Manpower and immigration,those tow companies were owned by Galal Elzorbah who is the president of the Federation of Industries those companies agree to increase 6 thousands workers wages and asure of their right of 10% of the annual profits.

Mr. Abd Elfatah Ebrahim vice president of ETUF and president of textile union workers announce that those agreements were signed with Dr. Nahed Elashry head of Central administration of labor relations.

And the presence of representatives of the employer ,the general union and unionism committees the tow agreements convent on the minimum wage and the basic variable is 250 EP per month and gradually in annual increasing to reach to 1150 EP for whom spent 20 years and more in work, the tow agreements convent.

to pay 10% The value of annual profits to employees and the real working hours are 8 hours per day and reform the board of Fund sanctions to be represented in the tow committees.

Mr. Abd Elfatah Ebrahim added also that Decided to form two committees in Directorate of Manpower in Cairo and Giza to review records or Archives and forms 2 Insurances to make sure of salary increments and social payment that Previously scheduled in the last years and the application of work requirements that determined by labor law no. 12 year 2003.

Translated By: Ahmed Shawky