Statement by the Working Woman and Child Secretariat of GTUFTC

Translated by: Said Rashwan

The Working Woman and Child Secretariat of the General Trade Union of Finance, Taxes and Customs follows with great intention the celebrations on the occasion of the International Women Day of 8th March that comes this year in a time of political, social and economic changes in the world because of Corona virus spread.

In this regard, the Working Woman and Child Secretariat that represents working women in financial institutions assures on doubling the sincere efforts in work and for enhancement of job performance side by side to men in order to realize the targeted portion of main financial revenue of the State to support the mega projects of development under the wise leadership of President ABDELFATTAH ELSISI.

The secretariat on this occasion emphasizes the importance of solidarity with the women in the world for providing of welfare and prevention from this cursed disease.The women should play an effective role to eradicate that virus so all the world can live in security and peace.

Long live the struggle of the working women ..

Long live the unity and solidarity of women around the world ..

Howida El Sebaay
General Secretary & Women working and Child Secretary
The General Trade Union of Finance , Taxes and Customs