Statement by ETUF on the occasion of the International Women Day

Translated by: Said Rashwan

Today the 8th of March the World celebrates the International Women Day, Despite the lack of social and Psychology stability seen by countries of the world because of corona Virus spread, it’s normal that the Egyptian women share the women of the world the celebration of this day beside the solidarity with countries of the world in fighting this cursed disease.

In This occasion, The Egyptian Trade Union Federation representing by the Working Women Secretariat expresses its appreciation to the Egyptian women in general and to the working women in particularly.

ETUF supports the women as she is considered as the active conscientious by love of the nation ,she always proved that she is the safety valve of Egypt and its great people.

ETUF is keen to support the role of working women in all the social ,economic and political fields .Beside the other achievements for the Egyptian women like the 89 seats at the House of Representatives, ETUF will do its best to put into force the article 180 of the constitution that guarantee 25% of the municipalities seats for the women that means 13 thousands seats.

It’s a very important step to provide the political participation to the women as its representation in the municipalities councils will be a good opportunity to train her seriously on the political action and to profit from the women experiences.

ETUF is also keen to increase the membership among the female workers to raise their participation in the trade union activities.

Our Greetings to all women of the world on this occasion of the International Women Day wishing security and stability for our nation.

Gebaly ElMaraghy
President of ETUf
Chairman of the Labor commission at the House of Representatives