Statement Issued by the Egyptian Trade Union Federation

The board of the Egyptian Trade Union Federation held emergency meeting with its presidents of general trade unions on Monday morning 26 March 2012 which discussed the selection of the constituent body of the constitution drafting .the Egyptian trade union federation decide the following :

* the leaders of the Egyptian trade unions movement aware of the danger posed to the Egyptian unionism movement posed to the violence attack that face the democratic process to control and dominate the political future in Egypt, they aware of this serious danger that practiced by few under the banner that they are owners of the majority and they insist about their anti-democratic situations and ignoring normal categories of the Egyptian people and in the vanguard workers and peasants and the vanguard of the intellectual ,scientists and the revaluation youths and unfortunately they ignored the majority of the Egyptian people including cop tics ,women and youths and others which is consider waste of civilian state through their announcement of insisting to form committee from them to prepare the constitution that serve the interests of category may be tomorrow become minority and this is consider serious danger has not happened in Egypt before even in forming constitution 1923, 1956 , 1791where arranging projects of those constitutions were not carried by the scholars and specialists but all the expressers of the conscience of this nation. it is been known that the international recognized traditions that the legislative authority don’t draw up the constitution that define the direction of the future of this country

* That what appeared on the political arena in Egypt recently was an attempt by forces that are trying to monopolize the formation and selection of members of the body responsible for forming and adherence to the Constitution, also insisting to refuse the participation of all political forces or other parties with it

The Egyptian Trade Union Federation announces:

1- The withdrawal of The Egyptian Trade Union Federation from constituent body

2- Complete rejection of the return of any forces trying to control this country

3- Solidarity with all the forces and movements, parties and intellectuals, scientists,

Youth revolution and the political forces in refusing to declare the formation of this body

4- Real emphasis on the representation of workers and peasants

5- Without prejudice to any gains realized for workers of Egypt since the revolution of 1952 and the most important of the remaining 50% of the workers and peasants in the legislative and administrative bodies elected

6- Participation of national forces to prevent the convening of this body and call for the formation of another committee prohibits in its membership the legislature

7- Filed a lawsuit invalidating the formation of this body

The Egyptian Trade Union Federation

Translated By: Mr. Ahmed Shawky