After “ILO” Included Egypt in the list of long notes.. The Secretary General of ETUF responds

After the International Labor Organization (ILO) included Egypt in the list of long notes, and before traveling to Geneva to attend the International Labor Conference MP Mohamed Wahballah responds…

Egypt is one of the first countries to apply the principle of trade union freedoms and the law of trade union organizations and protection of the right to organize and amendments currently submitted to the House of Representatives in accordance with international labor standards and Convention No. 87.

“We have the evidence to prove this,” he confirmed. “The tripartite working group will explain all the changes that have occurred since the introduction of the new trade union law during their participation in the International Labor Conference in Geneva, Which is sought by the Convention 87-48 as well as the Constitution and the Egyptian laws where there are unions did not join the Egyptian Trade Union Federation (ETUF), including trade unions like transport and transportation syndicate, and trade unions were independent joinded to ETUF, such as (General Union of the Public Transport Authority – General Union of Courts and Prosecutors) – This is clear evidence of the launching of the principle of trade union freedoms under the Law No. 213 of 2017.

The Secretary-General of ETUF said that the proposed amendment to the House of Representatives, which provides for the formation of the union of 50 workers instead of 150 workers and the formation of the General Union of 7 unions instead of 10 with a minimum of 150 thousand workers and thus targeted to expand the base of trade union freedoms and participation of workers in Establishing new trade unions.

He appealed to honest businessmen in Egypt to help those who want to establish new trade unions to contribute to the work and preserve the rights of workers.

The head of the delegation of workers participating in the International Labor Conference in Geneva, pointed to the members of the official delegation were represented in the committees to attend the discussions in the conference. He pointed out that a schedule has been set up to meet with some influential organizations and personalities in the International Labor Organization to present the measures taken in Egypt through the Trade Unions Law New as follows:

1. Identify a meeting with Guy Ryder, Director-General of the ILO.

2. Identify a meeting with the head of the ILO Workers’ Team.

3. Identify a meeting with the head of activities in the organization.

4. Identify a meeting with the Chairman and Secretary-General of the Organization of African Trade Union Unity.

5 – Meeting with the Secretary General of the International Confederation of Arab Trade Unions as well as some of the influential countries in the decisions of the Organization.

6- To meet with the Secretary General of the WFTU.

MP Mohammad Wahballah explained that The tripartite working group through the above mentioned are seeking to remove the name of Egypt from the list of long notes.