ETUF Statement for the Egyptian Women’s Day

ETUF Executive Board and the Secretariat of Working Women affirmed the role played by Egyptian women in all aspects of economic and social life as the national partner in the developmental, political and social work.

In its statement on the occasion of the Egyptian Women’s Day, ETUF noted that March 16 represents the conscience of the nation, which is proud of Egypt’s love and its preservation as the symbol of revolution and the safety valve that rose to defend the homeland.

MP Gabali El Maraghi, President of ETUF and chairman of the Labor Party Committee of the House of Representatives, said that the anniversary of the continuation of the comprehensive confrontation “Sinai 2018” carried out by the armed forces and police to clear the terrorist spots in the corners of the homeland.

He stressed the importance of the role played by Egyptian women in this important stage in which Egypt is facing many challenges and not forget its distinguished role in mobilizing citizens during the forthcoming presidential elections and its freedom to stand beside President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi who gave women much.

For her part, Maisa Atwa, Secretary of Women Workers Union and member of the House of Representatives said that Egypt has achieved a lot for the Egyptian women in the last three years through continuous support from President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi until it was politically, economically and socially enabled and to eliminate all manifestations of discrimination against it through comprehensive legislative reform Rights and duties and get 89 seats in the House of Representatives and will have 25% of the seats of the local councils next to get six ministerial portfolios and took many leadership positions in the state.


Translated by: Mostafa Rostom