Statement of the Egyptian Trade Union Federation

Egyptian Trade Union Federation has been extremely astounded following the latest campaign that targeted bilateral relation between ETUF and ILO, and has been misrepresented by some media.

This Campaign that has dealt with a speech made by the president of the federation, where the Media have been mixed by them. This has astounded us as they mix the history of ties between ETUF and ILO, In particular after January 2011 incidents, where some staff that serves the organization during this time have decided to destroy our Federation. Neglecting the good relationship that occurs nowadays between the organization and ETUF.

Guebaly has highlighted that this has been passed to ILO Geneva Director General who was addressed and responded positively by the appointment Mr. Peter Van two years ago. We have received Mr Peter at ETUF headquarters of the Union and made to order the Department of International Relations to follow up the file under the supervision of ETUF Secretary General. ETUF has participated for the 1st time fairly in all activities organized by ILO Cairo office.

Actually the presence of the ACTRAV Chief expert of the organization, Wafaa Osama has, boosted our positive participation that has been accompanied by transparency in all activities organized by the Office in Cairo. Actually The Continuous Consultation between ETUF and ILO Cairo Office director has led to the adoption of the Green Document in recognition of the sustainable development mechanisms adopted by the International Labour Organization, that has been the starting point for the future active cooperation between the Office of the Organization and its staff that are honored by their national belonging and they work in honest and fair way, and paved the way to prepare our country for a new stage in its national history in order to continue the process of serious national action to rectify the image of Egypt after some suspicious reports that been presented to the Organization attempted to undermine it.

“We take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation to the International Labour Organization (ILO), led by Guy Ryder, and his Good Messenger Mr Peter Van Rooj ILO Cairo Office Director and his team of our Cairo office employees. ETUF Women Secretariat, has have the honor to receive Mrs Wafaa Osama who effectively contribute in their conference and has been granted her the title of the “daughter of the Nile” due to the effort she is doing to the Egyptian working class with all her power.

ETUF executive board led by Guebaly Maragui has, decided to issue this statement and hand it out to all the international trade union organizations and the concerned bodies and stressed that they should be honest about everything published, explaining that any official statement is only through ETUF official website and International relations department, which has been mandated to be in charge of this file to be the sole coordinator with ILO on behalf of ETUF.

Guebaly Maragui

ETUF President

Cairo September, 14th 2017