Statement of Mr. Gebaly Al-maraghy.. Condemning breaking into the Aqsa Mosque by Israeli forces

The Arab workers follow with deep concern and condemn breaking into the courtyard of the Aqsa Mosque by the Israeli occupation forces which attacked, besieged the prayers what represents a serious escalation against the holy places in Jerusalem.

We emphasize that any practices aimed at fueling violence in the sacred places in the Holy Jerusalem, will result in the feelings of anger that would determine the efforts to revive the peace process.

We stress on the necessity that Israel should restore calm to the Holy courtyard of the Aqsa mosque and to seriously work for reaching a justice and comprehensive settlement to the Palestinian question according to the international conventions and the related resolutions of the United Nations and The Arab Peace Initiative.

We call upon the Arab League , the Organization of Islamic cooperation , the Islamic and Arab governments and all the international institutions to bear their responsibilities towards , the Aqsa Mosque and to put an end to the Zionist violations for keeping the international peace and security.

We strongly denounce the silence of the international community towards breaking into the courtyards of the Aqsa Mosque by the Zionism occupation forces for the consecutive fourth day.

We declare that the Zionist terrorism has aggravated and brutalized, there is no deterrent upon the violation of the international laws and conventions by Israel.

We urge the international and regional organizations as well as the peace and freedom loving countries in the world to sustain the legitimate and justice struggle of the Palestinian People to get back their legitimate rights and to establish their independent state on their national soil with the East Jerusalem as the Capital of Palestine.