ETUF Condemning the massacre against twenty one Egyptian citizens in Libya

ETUF has followed with great sorrow and concern the bloodbath Brutal massacre of 21 Egyptians Citizens working in Libya that undrape the brutality of people that kill and destroy the innocent people dishonestly.

ETUF is strongly denouncing this atrocious bloodbath massacre reinforcing that Great Egyptians will not serene till the Reasonable chastisement of these terrorists and all who belong to Daghech.

ETUF goes into raptures over the rigorous Military air Attack against the camps, crowded training areas and arsenary of terrorist Daghech in Libya reiterating the vengeance of Egyptian Blood and revenge from murderers is a strict right to all Egyptians

ETUF is appealing all Egyptian Citizens to strictly support Egyptian Vigorous Army and Brave Police Forces that courageously confront the barbarian attack that seek out Egypt stability and freedom from strife.

The Muslim Brothers daily crimes that overlap with Daghech Conspiracies that endeavor the malfunction of Egypt Economic Conference that will be held the first half of March 2015. Egypt is counting on this event to encourage and foster the Egyptian economy by making new outlet for comprehensive Investment in Egypt. This Daghech Muslim Brothers conspiracy aim to disseminate confusion, pandemonium disarray that preclude the parliamentary election that will lead to put the last touches on the road map that will be the forerunner of the establishment of the legislative authority in Egypt.

ETUF is forewarning against the Daghech Muslim Brothers intrigues and is beckoning the inevitability International Arena Obligation to presume its role after refusing the act in response to Egypt Good word long time ago about the prerequisite to the World accord to defy Terrorism heartening that The USA International Conference against terrorism within the coming days where Egypt will portray its farsightedness towards terrorism within comprehensive framework more to the point far from selectivity and double standard measures and won t attain any success in the skirmish of terrorism except in the case of the confederacy of all the excursed efforts in general in and in particular the Americans. In this concern ETUF is reprimanding the get-together of Terrorist Organization Delegates with American officials in Washington DC. This is authenticating the legal relations between USA and terrorist organization.

ETUF is also denouncing the peace and quiet of International Organizations towards the bloodbath massacres in Iraq, Lybia, Syria, Yemen and Egypt.

Meanwhile ETUF is alluring Labor local, national, Regional and International Organizations to support straight away the skirmish against terrorism ubiquitously and far a wide to safeguard Social and Economic demonstration and the world wide workers right protection

                        God Protect Egypt and its great people

God cure the martyrs relatives patience

Long Live to Egypt and its Great people


Translated By: Mostafa Rostom