“ETUF is following with great interest ” Italians workers struggle

Guebaly Maraghi President of ETUF has followed with great interest the International relatsions departement note that deals with UIL and CGIL call for strike on Dec. 12, and therefore the ETUF issued at the direction of the President following statement:

ETUF Executive Biard headed by Guebaly Maraghi has followed with great interest , the struggle of workers Italy in order to reach a just law for work and care for retirees, and is confident that the two unions Italians to work UIL, CGIL able to serve the interests of Italian workers.

Though it calls for ETUF to Italian workers to unite and unite and defend their demands, asking meanwhile the Italian government to respect international labor standards and advancing the social dialogue in search of political and economic stability.

ETUF is continuing through international “online” information network and through news asking international unions to support the strike on the twelfth of December, and in spite of the ongoing events in our momentum, but we are following what is happening and affirm solidarity of 6 million workers belonging to the Egyptian trade union organization with your demands, we urge you to address any attempts to tamper with hands Italian workforce.

We declare full solidarity to your struggle in order to provide fair working environment and a healthy atmosphere helps the advancement of your country with which we have historical ties over the years, and we appeal to all the forces gather around the banner of the trade union movement the only defender of the labor and trade union movement in front of all challenges in order to preserve internal stability of the country .

General Council of Trade Union calls on Egypt management and workers, union workers Italy, by providing the developments in order to be in touch with the two unions brothers go for this important historical event is recorded and which highlighted wrap Italians EC’s two unions under one banner for the stability of the country.

Gebali Maraghy