President of the Association of Egyptians in Bahrain .. we contributed in close association “Brotherhood”

Under the round shuttle that carried out by the President of ETUF in the Gulf region, accompanied by Hamdy Orabi director of Arab affairs, which began to visit the current pajamas capital of the Kingdom of Bahrain, which seeks through which to consider ways to support Egyptian workers in the Gulf in the face of foreign labor, and finding solutions to problems faced by workers.
Met Gebaly Maraghy ​​President of ETUF and his Bahraini counterpart Mr. Joseph Jacob, President of the Federation of Free Trade Unions of Bahrain, with Mr. Yasser Said, head of the Association of Egyptian workers in the Kingdom of Bahrain and the 25 thousand Egyptian, has addressed the meeting, review the problems faced by Egyptian workers in Bahrain and work to find solve it, and he review they’r role in close association “Muslim Brotherhood” in Bahrain, and support for the efforts of prominent Egyptian forces in the face of terrorism.