“Maraghy​​” and “Awad” and “Jacob” are seeking ways to support Egyptian workers in Bahrain’s labor market

Within the framework of the visit of President of ETUF to Bahrain, met this morning Gebaly Maraghy ​​president of ETUF and Ambassador Essam Saleh Awad, the Egyptian Ambassador in the Kingdom of Bahrain, where House meeting about the support and the consolidation of fraternal relations between the federal workers Egypt represented in the (General Federation of Trade Unions Egypt) and the Bahrain goal in the (Union of Free trade Unions of Bahrain), the meeting was attended by Mr. Joseph Jacob, president of the Bahraini, has addressed the meeting to discuss the needs of Bahrain’s labor market and work to strengthen the Egyptian workers to cope with foreign labor, and discuss the problems facing the Egyptian workers in Bahrain and discuss solutions to cope with these problems.